BRIMFERT develops BRIMSOL90 to take efficient Results. You will reach Finest Harvest with BRIMSOL90 Sulphur is essential for Soil and Crops. We combined Sulphur and Bentonite and achieve below Solutions;

BRIMSOL90(Sulphur Bentonite90);
1.    Improve Soil and amend  PH
2.    Boost and unlock other nutrient in the Soil
3.    Improves other fertilizers’ efficiency
4.    Improves plant health
5.    Decreases soil alcaline


We are able to supply BRIMSOL90 with specialized formulations which your Soil Deficiency.  You could contact with our specialists for your Soils’ extra Macro and Micro Nutrients needs. For detailed information please drop us an email at [email protected] then our Specialists will contact with you shortly.